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A letter from Errol Abramson to the World:
What EDI is All About:
          My first book “you can too” has become a best seller. I am not sure how that happened but it was very well received.  I am working on my second book“ Changing the World One Entrepreneur At A Time” which ties into my Facebook group and my big picture dream of teaching children entrepreneurial spirit from age 10-19 for Free. 
          The group I am working directly with currently will be limited to a maximum of 40. This group has been and will be the case study for the above titled book. I speak with them on a regular basis and learn about their individual journeys becoming and sustaining a life as an entrepreneur. The work today has been nothing less then fascinating.
There are several steps to my over all game plan which I want to cover briefly so you can understand why I would love to have you as founding members.
          The group is all members of a Private Facebook group we call it “EDI Founders Group”. Each member can schedule one call a monthly with me. We disuse their personal needs and how their project is developing? It is my job to help them stay on track. Further answer any questions they my have to help them along.
The input I receive is priceless in developing a true Entrepreneurial Syllabus. Our current team has taught me so much.
Through them I have developed the 3 stages of development of an entrepreneur. The simple outline is
                                         1. Transition
                                         2. Lifestyle (Levels)
                                         3. Scaling
          Each will become a separate syllabus. Each will be sold as courses. We will develop a certification for each to create the opportunity to teach. This in itself will create an entrepreneurial opportunity for members to develop a training business. Since we are going to require literally thousands of qualified teachers I wanted to make it a real business structure that could be a stand-alone business or an additional profit center for a successful business.
          My desire is to then expand our institute to over 100 million members all wanting to promote our beliefs to the world. Our simple goal is teaching “INDEPENDENCE” too ourselves and then our youth. This will change the world. It will assist any government. It will help any and all education system both public and private. We want to give what we all didn't get in school.
The qualification for membership is very simple
                                         1. You want a better life and your family (if that applies)
                                         2. You are willing to work for it.
                                         3. You sincerely be a part of the worlds much needed solution.
                                         4. You will make your business an example.
                                         5. You will network with your fellow member and offer positive support.
        What we don’t want any personal agendas promoted to the membership. From attending many business seminars I have met many people that do not have a business. In answer to that we have a few businesses we have developed to lend or for these people to use to learn the skills of running a business and earn money. As you learn these skills you can then either pass it along or keep it as a profit center as you develop your own dreams. 
        It was said give me a generation of children and I will rule the world. A few came pretty close. This was used for evil means. We wish to teach a much more positive message. “You are special and deserve all that you desire do not settle for less ““There is no Magic in Small Dreams”. “The Closest Thing to Success is Failure”. “You Can Get What You Want by Helping Other People Get What They Want”.
This is my dream but I welcome any and all to share it. I promise together we will change the world.
Your Success is My Reward
With Love and Respect

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