Errol's Personal Quote: If your desires are stronger than the adversities you face, and you will face adversities, then you will be successful!
So...  Who is Errol Abramson?
Errol Abramson’s business career spans internationally over 50 years. He has started, bought and turned around over 47 companies. (In 2016 he has three new startup companies) From retail to real estate development. Manufacturing to sports agency. Health spas to network marketing. Hedge funds to stem cell biotech science. Publishing and mortgage banking and more.
He has taken four of his companies to over the annual billion dollars mark. He is a writer, artist and musician. As a trainer and motivational speaker his messages and trainings have changed lives. As a consultant he works fast finding the heart of the matter and tables suggestion or direction to achieve results his clients desire. He is a “No nonsense guy that gets things done.” For years he has been headhunted by top fortune 500 companies to consult and resolve issues around management, growth and implementation. He has now turned his attention to small to medium size businesses where he feels he can make a real difference helping them grow. In his opinion the most under valued asset in society is the Teacher.
             Client Testimonials
First started coaching with Errol in November 2015. I was a young and relatively inexperienced CEO who had become responsible for a small family business after my father retired. Scared that I would make a critical mistake that would endanger the business or destroy it I reached out for some professional help. Contacting Errol was my lucky break, here was a retired CEO who, over his life, had run a number of business of all scales, from tiny single operator businesses to multi-billion national retail chains. A no-nonsense, take no prisoners and accept no excuses, get sh*t done... The absolute master of productivity and business. The first thing he told me was to relax, because with him in my corner, there was just no way the business would fail. I have been working with Errol for over a year now, and in that year, I have grown my business significantly, rebranded it, taken on larger offices, more employees, seen my revenue increase and my profits grow. All I can say is if you need some help, or are looking for a business coach, there is literally, literally no one else with the level of experience or expertise as Errol. Couldn't recommend him highly enough and looking forward to working with him for years to come.

Oscar Scheiner (UK)
Chief Executive Officer
Some relationships in life create a positive lasting bond that remain forever. My friendship with Errol is one that I treasure. The years we worked together were punctuated by humour, learning and inspiration. He was like a Big Brother - Entertaining and fun loving, but supportive in both business and life.

A Dynamic Speaker he captivated and inspired people worldwide. He set the pace for entrepreneurial success. A shrewd business mind with the ability to give expert direction made him a mentor to many. But the thing that impresses me most about Errol is his Big Heart! He has always been a friend I could count on.

Jeff Roberti (Florida)
Network Marketing Professional
NAS 100,000,000+ earned
Errol and Jeff at dinner!
Errol has been monumental in helping build my company and keeping me on track to success. As a stay at home mom I started my business as a hobby to make extra money for my family. My business has grown from a hobby into a very successful business in less than a year. Errol has helped me realize my most valuable asset is time and he has taught me how to “buy back my time.” This has allowed me to be focus my time on creativity which is why my business is thriving and why I love going to work everyday. Errol truly has one of the biggest hearts I know and goes out of his way to make sure I succeed. I am excited and blessed to continue to have Errol mentor me and look forward to another year together.

Thank you Errol
Kristina Tamas (North Carolina, USA)
CEO Infinity Collection
Working with Errol was life changing! It wasn’t always easy, but that’s exactly why it was a real breakthrough. I was resisting the new 'cause I was stuck in the old. But obviously the old was not working out as planned, so I didn't know what to do. Errol was so patient, and kept gently pushing me towards the bright side until I finally became aware of what I really didn’t know and opened myself to the possibilities. While working with him, I finally stopped focusing on what I couldn’t do and embraced new challenges. He showed me how to run my company in the smoother and most effective way, and helped me buy back my time. And I will be forever grateful. If you have a chance to work with him, don’t miss it. It’s going to be life changing.

Cecilia Sardeo,
Co-Founder Mindvalley
Italy, Zenward
Video Recordings of Errol Teaching on Stage!
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